Structural Steel, Aluminum and Glass Engineering Consultancy

Our Company

Adams Engineering is a structural engineering consultants specializing in steel, aluminum and glass design. Our primary services include building design, steel connection design, shop drawing preparation and reviews, stair design and steel consulting.

Consulting services for steel fabricators or erectors include value engineering. Adams Engineering specializes in providing steel, aluminum annd glass designs that are economical, easily constructed and on schedule.

Adams Engineering was founded in 2020 by Shady Ali, which focuses on steel design and construction. It is established to provide our clients with superb service and efficient structural designs to make their projects a success.  Our services are focused on steel and aluminum building design, steel connection design, steel stairs, shop drawing preparation, reviews and more.

Our team is well versed in structural steel design, fabrication, detailing, costs and estimating, and has many years of experience working in the steel industry.  With our experience, knowledge and reliability, we are uniquely positioned to help make our client’s projects successful.

Our Mission

Adams Engineering aims to help our clients succeed by delivering engineered solutions, efficient and economical designs in order to meet the project quality and schedule.


Design of Steel, Aluminum and Glass Structure, Sheds and Architectural Steel Features

Full structural engineering services provided for the design of buildings and structures. Steel structures are our specialty and integrated services are available including design-works. We also provide designs for foundations, reinforced concrete, light gage steel components within the buildings and structures that we engineer. our team utilizes state-of-the-art analysis procedures and creates 3-D analysis models for all projects, and are knowledgeable of the latest codes and construction methods.  We are responsive throughout all stages of the project and seek to coordinate with other team members to make the project go smoothly in the field.

Steel, Aluminum and Glass Connection Design

Steel Connection Design for structural steel projects including: standard shear connections, non-standard shear connections, moments, bracing, trusses, cranes, high-seismic and specialty conditions. We have extensive experience working with steel fabricators to provide connections that are easy to build, erect and detail.  Our team produces accurate, efficient and timely connection design for steel fabricators.  We work hard to ensure that your detailer has the sketches they need to keep moving, Issue for Approval dates are met and steel gets into the shop on time. 

We are able to customize connections for fabrication shops to best suit their practices and promote efficiency. We understand costs associated with steel fabrication and erection and seek to provide the best connection details for the situation while maintaining economical details.

Our connection sketches are detailed, thorough and easy for your steel detailer to follow. We coordinate with steel detailers to ensure projects are completed as accurate and timely as possible.  Adams Engineering connection design submittals include sketches, and customized calculations which are clear and easy for the Engineer’s approval , keep your schedule moving and make your project a success!   

Design of Steel Stairs

Staircase design -1

Steel stair and spiral stair engineering services include a professionally engineered report with calculations.  Stair design includes all steel stair components such as handrails and posts, stringers, landings and bracing.  We have designed stringers utilizing C, HSS and plate stringers.

Erection Engineering

We provide engineering support to steel erectors to ensure structures are stable and safe during erection.  Our comprehensive analysis looks at the structure during erection for temporary construction and wind loads and provides sequencing or bracing recommendations to help the steel erector keep the structure stable in an efficient manner.  We are well versed in long span truss analysis and stability, including any temporary support required during the installation stage.  

Our team erection engineering service includes.  

  • Method statement of erection with sequence sketches.
  • Stability Analysis.
  • Design of Temporary supports or Bracings.
  • Lifting Plans and Design of Lugs and Spreader Beams if required.

Design of Miscellaneous Steel Works

Miscellaneous steel engineering services for all types of structures and components such as canopies, platforms, stair towers, catwalks and towers Mast.  

Engineering for free-standing structures such as canopies and stair towers includes analysis for wind and seismic lateral loads in conjunction with all other code prescribed loads.  Foundation design can be provided as well.  Platform design projects include stairs and handrail along with their connections

Preparation and Review of Shop Drawings

If your project requires a shop drawing review letter or for detailing under the supervision of an engineer, we can provide those services.  Our review of the shop drawings is detailed and checks for conformance with the construction documents, project code and adherence to your shop standards or preferences.  If connection design sketches were provided by us or others, we will check the connection detailing to ensure it matches the engineer’s intent.  

We will provide our markups to you and then provide a stamped letter documenting our review for your submittal.  

If steel detailing models are able to be provided then we can utilize our hybrid system of shop drawing review that includes 3-D review of the model and 2-D verification of the shop drawings and erection plans.  This process is efficient and accurate.

Site Engineering Solution for Steel Fabricators and Erectors


Problems in the field can arise from a number of issues including fabrication errors, detailing errors, walls constructed out of plumb and design changes just to name a few.  No matter what the source of your field problems, we can help engineer a solution that is as cost effective as possible.

Our team is experienced with structural steel fabrication and erection and able to provide fixes that can be performed in the field.  


Value Engineering

If the design is done by other party, our experience team can give an advice if it is possible to provide a value engineering design option which is economical and easily constructed.